5 Simple Ways to Make Bedtime Easier for Your Little One (and You!)

make bedtime easier

We think most parents would agree that bedtime is generally the most difficult part of the day. Despite how tired they are, kids always seem to get a second wind just to fight going to sleep. If you’re like us, you probably google “how to make bedtime easier” about once a week.

Sleep is so important for children.  When a child doesn’t get the proper amount of sleep, they become irritable and have difficulty controlling their emotions, which is no fun for anyone! Even though it’s not always easy to get kids to go to bed, particularly when they’re young, sleep is very important for their growth and development.

We asked a group of Eco Kids parents what their best piece of bedtime advice was, and we found these 5 tips were the most common:

  1. Follow your instincts, you know your child best.
  2. Create a routine that you can stick to.
  3. No technology once the bedtime routine has started.
  4. Make the bedroom dark and peaceful so they know that night time is sleep time.
  5. Sometimes a snack before bed helps, so you know they’re not hungry.

Let’s not underestimate how important a comfortable and supportive sleep surface is for a good night’s rest.  Designed and created by parents, the Eco Kids mattress provides the best in support and comfort while utilising environmentally friendly, natural materials so you can feel confident your child is having a healthy and restorative sleep.

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