Eco Kids Double Mattress

Double mattress dimensions for growing children.


Double Size: 137 x 188 x 21 cm

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Endorsed by the Australian Spinal Research Foundation.

Assessed and endorsed by licensed chiropractors, our mattresses provide high-quality spinal support


Eco Kids mattresses in all sizes boast a range of premium features
unrivalled by other mattress companies.

  • Handmade in Melbourne

    Each Eco Kids double mattress is made in our Melbourne factory, which guarantees that the highest possible quality standards are maintained across the board for all children’s mattress sizes.

  • Better support for growing bodies

    Our Chiro Flex ES spring system is produced with high-quality, triple-heat-treated wire and is standard across the range of children’s mattress dimensions. And as each mattress size increases, the coil count goes up as well! In addition, our springs are 60% stronger than the standard Bonnell springs found in most kids mattresses.

  • 100% natural and anti-allergen

    Protect your child with natural materials. Cotton Australia’s 100% natural cotton is channel-quilted into our designs to enhance insulation and airflow and reduce allergic reactions.

  • Free of harmful chemicals

    Our bamboo lyocell fabric is produced in an ecologically sustainable closed-loop manner. It’s gentle to the touch, anti-microbial, breathable, and made to last. This textile, which is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified, is free of potentially harmful chemicals and safe for direct skin contact.

  • 70% more edge support

    Our mattresses feature enhanced edge support with Maxi-Boost’s market-leading roll prevention. With 70% more support around the edges of our kids’ double mattresses, you can sit or lie comfortably next to your child without the everyday problems of sagging or falling off.

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