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Eco Kids No Glue Pillow Top

Introducing the Eco Kids Pillow Top with a new Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) design.
Elevate your child’s sleeping experience to a whole new level of comfort.

EcoKids Mattress Pillow Top no base
EcoKids Mattress Pillow Top Features page
EcoKids Mattress Pillow Top Features page

At Eco Kids, we are committed to maintaining low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) levels in our mattresses. To achieve this, we have developed a method for mechanically securing the additional comfort layer within the pillow-top directly to the Chiro Flex Es spring system. This innovative approach eliminates the necessity for utilizing glues or spray adhesives.

A pillow top is a mattress with an extra comfort layer built on top of the support system.
Traditionally the way to make a pillow top mattress is to use glue or a spray on adhesive to bond the extra comfort layer in the pillow top to the top of the support system.

While the pillow top mattress is suitable for ages 2+, we recommend it for ages 8+.  

However, we would recommend the pillow top for younger children and parents that do a lot of co-sleeping, as adults may find the softer pillow top more comfortable if they are on the mattress for longer stretches.

We recommend the pillow top for older children 8+ as they are more active throughout the day, and would find a softer, plush sleep surface to be more comfortable than the firmer sleep surface that is recommended for younger children.

The original Eco Kids mattress feels medium firm and is the perfect feel for a younger child moving out of a cot into their first big kid bed.  The feel of this mattress is also ideal for an older child who prefers a firm feel mattress.

The Eco Kids pillow top mattress has an additional premium layer of GECA certified Dunlop foam measuring 50mm in thickness.  This option is a softer feel, perfect for co sleeping parents and their younger child, or older, more active children who prefer a softer, plush mattress.

The Eco Kids pillow top mattress feels soft, plush, and cushioned.

The extra layer of padding on top of the mattress creates a cloud-like feeling when you lie down.

The pillow top layer also absorbs some of the motion transfer, which can help reduce disturbance from another sleeper’s movements during the night.

Australia’s best kids mattress

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Eco Kids Mattress has been named the best kids’ mattress in Australia for three consecutive years, 2022, 2023, and now in 2024. This recognition was given by BedBuyer, a well-respected organization known for providing expert and unbiased reviews of bedding products in Australia.

Not only is the mattress highly recommended by BedBuyer, but it has also been approved by chiropractors for its exceptional design and comfort. Specifically designed and recommended for children aged 2 and above, including teenagers and young adults, the mattress is suitable for all sleeping positions, whether front, back, or side.

Eco Kids Mattress is also certified as Australian-made, attesting to its superior quality and materials. With a 100-night money-back trial, you can rest assured that you are getting the best for your child’s sleep. Parents looking for a reliable and comfortable mattress for their child need not look further than Eco Kids Mattress.

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