ECO KIDS MATTRESS Australia’s Best Kids Mattress in 2024

The Eco Kids mattress has been recognised as the best kids mattress on the market by Bedbuyer THREE YEARS IN A ROW – 2022, 2323 & NOW in 2024.

Celebrating Excellence in Sustainability as a Clean + Conscious Awards Finalist

We are thrilled to announce that our Eco Kids Mattress & Bamboo Pillow have been recognised as a finalist in the prestigious Clean + Conscious Awards, a testament to our commitment to quality, sustainability, and ethical practices. This nomination celebrates our dedication to providing products that is not only safe for our children but also beneficial for the planet and fair for all involved in its creation.

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The official endorsement of Eco Kids Mattress by the Australian Spinal Research Foundation marks a significant milestone, solidifying the brand’s commitment to not just comfort but also the overall well-being of children. This endorsement signifies that Eco Kids Mattress has met the stringent criteria set by the Australian Spinal Research Foundation, an organization dedicated to advancing spinal health and well-being. The mattress’s design has likely been assessed for its ergonomic support, ensuring proper spinal alignment for growing bodies during sleep. Such an endorsement underscores the brand’s dedication to promoting healthy sleep habits from a young age, emphasizing the crucial role that a supportive and well-designed mattress plays in spinal health. Parents can trust that choosing Eco Kids Mattress means investing in a product that aligns with the principles of spinal well-being endorsed by a respected authority in the field. This recognition by the Australian Spinal Research Foundation adds a layer of credibility and assurance, highlighting Eco Kids Mattress as a choice that not only prioritizes quality rest but also supports the long-term health of children’s spines.

BEST KIDS MATTRESS IN 2022, 2023 & 2024

In a triumphant sweep for the third consecutive year, Eco Kids Mattress has once again secured the prestigious title of Best Kids Mattress in 2024, as awarded by BedBuyer™, Australia’s leading independent mattress review site. BedBuyer™, with its expert review team of qualified health professionals, including sleep scientists, chiropractors, and physiotherapists, has conducted over 1,600 expert mattress reviews, providing invaluable insights into the industry. This accolade from BedBuyer™ not only reaffirms Eco Kids Mattress’s commitment to eco-friendly materials, innovative design, and exceptional comfort but also underscores its status as a trusted and industry-recognized leader in providing a superior sleep experience for children. With sustained excellence in meeting the evolving needs of families, Eco Kids Mattress continues to set the standard for excellence in children’s bedding, earning the trust and acclaim of both parents and expert evaluators.

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Eco Kids Mattress Reviewed by Bedbuyer

Let’s take a look why BedBuyer team rated it so highly. 

The Eco Kids Mattress is an outstanding product that is one of the best kids mattresses on the Australian market. The Eco Kids Mattress is Australian made and available exclusively at Chiropedic. This mattress has exceptional edge support, which will not only prevent your child from rolling off the side, but it also forms a stable surface for you and kids to sit on for bed time activities such as reading. The mattress itself has a nice bounce to it which absorbs body weight nicely. Spinal support is excellent and is perfectly balanced for young growing spines, thanks to the ‘Chiro Flex ES’ spring system. Perhaps one of the most attractive features of this mattress is that the materials used are natural and environmentally friendly. The natural bamboo and cotton fibres used in the top layer forms a breathable, hypoallergenic sleeping surface for your children. If you’re after a first class kids mattress that is specially engineered for support, comfort, and a hygienic sleeping surface, the Eco Kids Mattress from Chiropedic sets the standard.



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