Eco Kids Mattress Features

Eco Kids Deconstructed Image

Eco Kids has been officially Endorsed by the Australian Spinal Research Foundation.

“This product has been assessed by licensed Chiropractors as being of high quality in relation to ergonomic design, function, and for its proposed use.”

Eco Kids Mattress has been awarded Australia’s
BEST KIDS MATTRESS in 2022, 2023 & 2024

BB Coloured 212223 award


Cotton and bamboo fabric_FA

Naturally Engineered For Health And Comfort


  • Bamboo fabric surface material is soft to touch but extremely durable. The natural properties of the bamboo fabric make it anti-microbial and breathable keeping the sleep surface fresh & healthy. We use bamboo lyocell fabric made with an environmentally friendly closed-loop process. This fabric is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified (Label No 1910131; Test report 2224) as free of harmful chemical substances and safe for direct contact with the skin according to strict global OEKO-TEX®  testing criteria.
  • 100% Natural cotton fibre is gently channel quilted which is anti-allergy and a natural insulator providing maximum breathability. This cotton fabric is certified as 100% natural and traceable cotton by Cotton Australia.
  • Global GreenTag Level A certified Hygroflex foam is engineered to provide resilience and strength to the natural quilt layers as well as total body pressure relief.
  • Full night comfort is built in with premium density Dunlop Foam approved by National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice program, providing a better choice for kids with asthma or allergies.
5 Zone Chiro Flex ES spring system

Support Like No Other


  • Made with refined, triple-heat-treated wire the Chiro Flex ES spring system has a higher coil count and is 60% stronger than standard bonnell springs found in most kids mattresses. The spring provides perfect balanced support to kids of all sizes and weights, allowing their bodies to develop correctly and naturally.
  • Market-leading Maxi-Boost edge support provides 70% more support to the edge of the mattress, preventing roll out and any type of sagging. Also capable of supporting grown adults’ weight during story or comfort time.
Hygroflex foam_FA

RMIT University Approved


  • RMIT University in Melbourne conducted a study to determine the effectiveness of Hygroflex foam as a pressure redistribution material compared to traditional memory foam and concluded that:

    • Hygroflex can redistribute pressure more effectively than traditional memory foams.
    • Hygroflex can diffuse body heat more rapidly than traditional memory foams.
    • Moving on Hygroflex requires less force and generates less friction.

    Hygroflex foam is also OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified (Label No MB002160128) as free of harmful chemical substances and safe for direct contact with the skin according to strict global OEKO-TEX® testing criteria.

Making Eco Kids

Hand crafted with love in Melbourne


  • Unlike mass-market mattresses that are pumped out in bulk like sausages, every Eco Kids mattress is hand-assembled with care and precision in our own manufacturing facility in Melbourne.
  • Springs and foams are hand clipped, and the cover is hand sewn around the mattress. No harmful glues, bonding agents or chemicals are used in the manufacture of the mattress.
  • As you love your kids, we love our mattresses, and we put this love into every product we make.