Premium Eco-Friendly Single Mattress for Toddlers

Single mattresses offer a practical and space-efficient sleeping solution, particularly well-suited for young children. These mattresses provide ample space for a child to sleep comfortably while not overwhelming their room with unnecessary bulk. This allows for more effective use of space in children’s bedrooms, which can be especially important in homes where space is at a premium. Additionally, the size of single mattresses makes them an ideal choice for transitioning children from cribs to their first “big kid” bed, offering a sense of independence while ensuring safety with appropriate bed rails if necessary.

Standard Single $699.00

Single: 188 cm x 92 cm x 21 cm

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Single: 188 cm x 92 cm x 28 cm

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Eco Kids Single Mattress for Toddlers Endorsed by the Australian Spinal Research Foundation.

Assessed and endorsed by licensed chiropractors, our mattresses provide high-quality spinal support

Single Mattress for Toddlers

Single Mattress dimensions

Single mattresses are ideal for young children who may not necessarily need all of the space of a larger mattress.

Single: 188 cm x 92 cm x 21 cm

Single with pillow top: 188 cm x 92 cm x 28 cm

Top Features of Our Single Mattress for Toddlers

Eco Kids mattresses in all sizes boast a range of premium features
unrivalled by other mattress companies.

  • Handmade in Melbourne

    Our staff of experts hand-assembles every Eco Kids single mattress in our Melbourne factory to ensure that it meets the highest quality standards across the entire range.

  • Better support for growing bodies

    Our Chiro Flex ES spring system is made with refined, triple-heat-treated wire and is standard across our range of children’s mattress sizes. And as our mattress dimensions increase, so too does the coil count. Providing maximum support for growing bodies, our single mattresses have a higher coil count and 60% stronger coils than those used by most other manufacturers.

  • 100% natural and anti-allergen

    We channel-quilt Cotton Australia’s traceable, 100% natural cotton into our mattresses, providing superior insulation and maximum airflow during sleep.

  • Free of harmful chemicals

    Our bamboo lyocell fabric is produced utilizing an ecologically beneficial closed-loop method. It’s smooth to the touch, anti-microbial, breathable and wonderfully durable. In addition, this material has been certified as safe for skin contact and free from harmful chemicals by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, considered the gold standard in fabric safety and customer confidence.

  • Maxi Boost Edge Support

    We utilize Maxi-Boost’s market-leading, premium-quality Maxi-Boost Plus for added edge support in all our mattresses. Providing 70% more support around the edges, our design offers a comfortable place to sit with your child and prevent roll-off during the night.

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Eco Kids’ awards

Eco Kids’ single bed mattresses have received several awards from both industry aggregators and research foundations.

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Love it or your money back

We’ve specifically designed our single mattress for growing kids. But, if you’re not sure your little one will love our mattress, we have a solution. We offer a simple, no questions asked returns policy so you can try for 100 nights, risk-free, and return for a full refund if it’s not a good match for your child.

Frequently asked questions

Our single bed dimensions are 188 cm x 92 cm x 21 cm. A single mattress will fit perfectly into a single room. You can even fit two single mattresses in one bedroom if you wish for your children to share when they are young.

BedBuyer has recognised our single bed mattress as the best kid’s mattress in 2022, 2022 & 2024. Hand-assembled in Melbourne, our mattresses are the natural choice for parents looking for a premium-quality, safe, and environmentally-friendly design for children aged two and older, including teens and young adults.

Our list of accolades and endorsements is extensive and includes:

  • Awarded Best Kids Mattress in 2022, 2023 & 2024 by BedBuyer
  • Finder Recommended
  • Chiropractor reviewed & approved by the Australian Spinal Research Foundation.
  • Certified Australian-Made

Yes, absolutely! We offer free shipping Australia-wide for all single mattresses.

All Eco Kids single mattresses are designed with a medium-firm feel which is the optimal firmness for children right through to young adults.