What are the best mattresses for children of different ages?

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Find the right mattress for your children, no matter what age they are

As the seasons change, so to do our bodies and the bedding they require. From bassinets when we are born to speciality kid’s mattresses in our youth, onward to enormous waterbeds for incredibly rich and successful adults and, finally, in the twilight years, beds in hospitals and aged care centres.

Here at Eco Kids, we specialise in kid’s mattresses. Kid’s bodies grow and change, and for the best comfort and support they require speciality mattresses designed just for them. But what sort of mattress should a child have? And as they age into their tween and teen years, do their mattresses have to be replaced?

In this article, we’ve put together a guide on picking the right mattress for a child, arranged by age. By the end of this article, you’ll know how to pick the right mattress for your kid, no matter how old they are. We’ve got you covered, so your kids can have the right mattress from when they’re the tiniest of tots, right up to the point where they leave home and become responsible for buying their own mattresses.

At Eco Kids, we seek out and learn all we can about the best type of mattress for a child. Now, with our resource centre, we’re pleased to pass that information on to you. Check out our guide to everything you ever wanted to know about kid’s mattresses.

Mattresses for babies and infants

The best type of mattress for toddlers and babies is one that is firm and fits snuggly within the cot/bassinet/Moses basket. More grown-up style beds and mattresses are best left for later months and years in a child’s life, when you don’t have to worry about toppling off a raised surface.

Mattresses for young children

Eco Kids mattress

There are a number of important considerations when purchasing a mattress for a young child, like materials, comfort and durability. Keeping all those factors in mind is the crux of how to choose a mattress for a child.

A mattress built to provide comfort and support

At Eco Kids, we’ve put lots of time and effort into researching what type of mattress is best for kids. Spring mattresses are great in terms of providing support for growing bodies, but they can be found wanting in the comfort department. Foam, on the other hand, tends to start out comfortable but can deteriorate over time.

The answer we’ve settled on is a hybrid mattress. With the best of both springs and foam, this surface provides both the softness and the support that kids need. Our edge support system also ensures that your children stay in the bed. With springs right to the very edge, there is no sagging or drooping,.

A mattress that can support the right amount of weight

It is a common misconception that mattresses for small children only need to support a small amount of weight. If the child were the only one sleeping in the bed that would be fine — but as parents of small children know, there are many times when a parent is required overnight! Whether it is for reading a story or cuddling someone to sleep, a kid’s mattress must also be able to temporarily take on the weight of an adult. Our Eco Kids mattresses can intermittently support a combined weight of 150kg.

A mattress that is anti-allergenic

This one is a no brainer, especially if your kids are prone to allergies and are sensitive to dust and chemicals. All our mattresses are made of natural fabrics like cotton and bamboo, and we boast Sensitive Choice approval.

A hardy mattress that will stand the test of time

You can agonise for hours trying to determine what is the best mattress for a child, but if the mattress doesn’t turn out to be durable, all that work will have been for nought. Our mattresses have a warranty for 10 years, so you can rest assured that they’ll be suitable for practically an entire childhood.

Mattresses for teenagers

The right mattress for a teenager is often similar to the best type of mattress for kids.

Many changes happen to a person’s body during puberty, but one is especially notable: their size! With a growth spurt, it can seem a though a teenager has grown ten centimetres overnight. Suddenly, an especially tall teen will find their legs hanging off the end of the bed.

Thankfully, there are easy solutions. If you have a tall teen (or a child that you suspect is going to develop into a tall teen in the not-so-distant future), then try a long single, king single sized, or double sized mattress.

Age is one factor, but there are many other variables that go into deciding what type of mattress is best for a child. Have a look at our guide to everything you ever wanted to know about kid’s mattresses to find out more.