What do children need in a mattress?

what do children need in a mattress

One of the questions we are asked the most often is ‘what do children need in a mattress?’ It’s pretty easy to assume that kids can sleep anywhere, on anything. We’ve all seen the weird places and positions our kids can manage to fall asleep in; it makes our aching,  adult bodies shudder. With that in mind, it may be tempting to just get the cheapest mattress option when they move from a cot to a proper bed- I mean how much support do their little bodies really need? Would it be a waste of money to get them anything more than a soft piece of foam to rest their heads? Well, you’ll be surprised to know that they actually need a lot of support, and a proper children’s mattress is a great investment for your little one. 

Why does a child need a supportive mattress?

Kids grow at a pretty steady pace, with the average child growing 6-7cm per year. The hormone  responsible for growth is released during sleep. If someone consistently gets too little sleep then the growth hormone is suppressed, meaning they will actually grow less. Studies show that sleep deprivation is also linked to other health issues such as obesity and diabetes.  Children need proper support and spinal alignment during sleep. An unsupportive mattress that sags or has body impressions is problematic because it won’t evenly support your child’s growing body. A bad mattress will create extra pressure on the lower body causing the lumbar area to shift out of alignment. 

What size mattress should I get for my child?

Because their bodies grow so rapidly when they’re young, it’s probably a good idea not to get a  mattress that fits them perfectly now, as they will soon outgrow it. We recommend (if space allows) getting your child a King Single or even a Double mattress, a size that will fit them for years to come. Because a good mattress is a long term investment, you want to make sure  they’ll be able to use it longer than a year or two.  

Head to the Eco Kids mattress page for info on all the different mattress sizes we offer.

What materials should I look for when buying a mattress? 

Natural and durable materials are two important qualities to consider when buying a kid’s mattress.  Synthetic mattresses can cause skin irritation, respiratory problems and other health issues, particularly for children with allergies. To prevent a possible reaction, choose a mattress made of natural materials, including cotton, organic wool, silk, natural latex and even bamboo. 

For the Eco Kids mattress, we use bamboo lyocell fabric made with an environmentally friendly closed-loop process. 100% natural cotton fibre is gently channel quilted, which is anti-allergy and a natural insulator providing maximum breathability. This cotton fabric is certified as 100% natural and traceable cotton by Cotton Australia.  Full night comfort is built in with premium density Dunlop Foam approved by the National Asthma Council Australia as providing a better choice for kids with asthma or allergies.

Kids love to use their bed for anything but sleeping- particularly playing and jumping. So make sure to choose a mattress made to withstand a bit of mistreatment.  A mattress protector is also always a good idea as having a physical barrier on your mattress will help to protect it from stains, as well as protecting you from dust mites and other allergens.

We designed the Eco Kids mattress with all these in mind- size, material, support, comfort and durability. We made a mattress that provides the best in support and comfort while utilising environmentally friendly, natural materials, specifically designed to help children grow.

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