How kid’s mattresses are made

How kid's mattresses are made

Our process for making quality kids mattresses in Australia

Carl Sagan once famously said, “If you wish to make apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe”. He was saying that even very simple things can only exist thanks to lots of complicated things that have come before. This is also true of kid’s mattresses — there’s lots to do before you get started!

First, you have to find the right design that will be of the most benefit for growing children. Then you have to source the right materials — ones that are environmentally responsible and free of the nasty chemicals that might have serious drawbacks for the development of young people. Only then can you actually manufacture the mattress. After, that is, you’ve decided where to make it, and who will be doing the manufacturing.

At Eco Kids, we’ve crossed all of those bridges to bring you an award-winning kid’s mattress. Read on to find out more about how kid’s mattresses are made, and what makes ours special.

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The design process for a kid’s mattress

Eco kids mattress

When our founder first set out to make a kid’s mattress, something took him by surprise. There simply weren’t appropriate kid’s mattresses on the market. Mattresses being marketed as kid’s mattresses are usually just small versions of adult’s mattresses, and failed to take into account the growing body of a child. Additionally, inappropriate materials were being used — cheap and synthetic fabrics and parts that contained potentially harmful chemicals and had no ecological or health certification.

The first step in making a kid’s mattress, then, was research. Our founder spent two years researching and developing his designs, until he was satisfied that he could bring together natural and sustainable materials with a signature spring system to support little bodies. That was the beginning of the Eco Kids mattress. Without that research and planning, we wouldn’t be able to make the incredible kid’s mattresses we sell today.

Sourcing quality, natural materials

Natural materials are an integral part of our business. Other mattress makers use synthetic fabrics and nasty chemicals — they’re the norm in the industry. Materials we use in our kid’s mattress include:

  • A quilted layer of 100% natural cotton fibre
  • HygroFlex by Joyce foam, using Variable Pressure Foaming Technology (VPF). This is the most environmentally friendly foam making process in the world. It is certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA)
  • Natural bamboo fabric

Making a mattress in Australia

A generation or two ago, most products were made locally. Logistical problems and expensive shipping costs made outsourced manufacturing something of a rarity. How things have changed! Nowadays, many products are made overseas, from electronics and clothes to jewellery and notebooks. This is also the case for bed bases and mattresses; lots of products on the market have been made overseas and shipped to Australia.

For a company, there are short term financial advantages to sending manufacturing offshore — it tends to cost much less than making something in Australia. However, it can also cause serious problems.

The downside of mattresses made overseas

There have been no shortage of revelations about what goes on with cheap, offshore manufacturing. Woeful conditions and substandard materials are just two of the ways that prices are kept down. Here at Eco Kids, we firmly believe that mattresses should be made for kids, not by kids. Our mattresses have Made in Australia certification, demonstrating that they’re ethically and locally made.

Now you know how kid’s mattresses are made, have a look at the end result. You can use our online store to browse the ethical, natural and comfortable kid’s mattress that we make.