How to choose a kid’s mattress protector

choose kid's mattress protector

Find the right mattress protector to look after your child (and their mattress)

Children leave a trail of mess and chaos in their wake, and the damage isn’t limited to waking hours. Kid’s mattresses are forever getting stained and damaged, whether by bodily fluids, spilt food and drinks, or any number of other mishaps. Mattress protectors are a sensible idea on an adult’s bed, but they’re just about necessary for a child!

When looking for a kid’s mattress protector, there are lots of different factors to take into account. For example, you should consider questions like:

  • Is the kid’s mattress protector waterproof?
  • Can this mattress protector go in the dryer?
  • Will this mattress protector cause an allergic reaction?

In this article, we’ve broken down the key features of mattress protectors for children, to help you make an informed decision with your purchase.

At Eco Kids, we’ve researched every conceivable aspect of kid’s mattresses. Read our guide to everything you ever wanted to know about kid’s mattresses to find out more.

Finding a waterproof mattress protector for kids

There are many qualities to look for in a kid’s mattress protector, but first and foremost is waterproofing. If a kid’s mattress protector is comfortable, natural and non-allergenic, but isn’t waterproof, you may as well not have bothered. If a mattress protector doesn’t adequately protect against stains and accidents, it is of little use.

At Eco Kids, we’re proud of our kid’s waterproof mattress protector. Yes, it’s made of natural materials. Yes, it’s like a dream to sleep on. But, most importantly, with a Protect-A-Bed® Miracle Layer™ it protects your mattress from moderate spills and stains.

Anti-allergenic properties in a children’s mattress protector

kid sleeping

Approximately 30% of people are allergic to dust mites. They’re one of the most common triggers for allergies and asthma in the world. Additionally, they’re one of the things that a kid’s mattress protector can keep away from your children. With proper use, a mattress protector should shield your child from dust mites, but also mould and bacteria allergens. In fact, our kid’s mattress protector does such a good job on this front that it has won approval from the National Asthma Council of Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program.

Natural, breathable fabrics in a kid’s mattress protector

There are two key reasons that people look for natural fabrics in a mattress protector:

  • Ethical and ecological considerations: Natural fabrics are better for the environment, and people see them as a superior purchase in terms of looking after the planet.
  • Improved surface for sleep: Unnatural fabrics have all sorts of problems when used as mattress protectors. For one, synthetic mattress protectors might make you sweat more, because the fabric doesn’t breathe. For another, it might feel ‘plastic-y’ and make loud crinkling noises.

That’s why we’ve gone with a cotton bamboo mattress protector at Eco Kids. Our mattress protectors are made from Viscose/Rayon (70% Bamboo) and Cotton (30%). They’re super soft, better for the environment than synthetic variants, and allow for terrific air circulation to prevent undue sweating.

A mattress protector for kids that is made in Australia

It’s all well and good to claim all those benefits for a mattress protector, but how can you know for sure that you’re getting a waterproof, natural, ethical, anti-allergen product? One way is to buy Australian, where manufacturing and testing standards are high. Our Eco Kids mattress protectors are made in Australia, just like our mattresses, so you know you’re getting quality.

Machine washable and dryer compatible mattress protectors

The turnaround times on cleaning a mattress protector can be urgent — nobody wants to sleep unprotected or, even worse, on a still-damp surface! Thankfully, our mattress protector is dryer compatible and machine washable. If there is a spill or an accident, the protector is sufficiently robust to be washed and dried as quickly as technology will allow.

Now you know what to look for in a kid’s mattress protector, find out more information about the mattress underneath. Read on and enjoy our complimentary, comprehensive guide to kid’s mattresses.