What kid’s mattress size should you choose?

kid mattress size

A guide to finding the right mattress size for your child

Mattresses come in many different styles and sizes. When buying a mattress for your child, there are many factors to take into consideration. For example, you might ask questions like:

  • Is this mattress going to be large enough to accommodate my child as they grow?
  • Is this an age-appropriate mattress for my child?
  • What is the best mattress for a toddler?
  • Is the extra expense of a larger mattress worth it in the long run?

Here at Eco Kids, we know a thing or two about picking out the right beds for kids — it’s all we do! In this article, we’re going to look at all the important information about choosing the right mattress size for your child. Read on to find out more, and discover the best full size mattress for kids in your family.

At Eco Kids, we’ve put years of work into making the best kid’s mattresses possible. Find out more about what makes a great mattress for kids by reading our complete guide to kid’s mattresses.

Can babies sleep on a kid’s mattress?

It is not recommended that young babies sleep on beds and mattresses designed for older kids. While a raised surface might not present an issue for the first few days of a baby’s life, as infants grow older they develop the ability to move and roll. It’s a change that can happen very quickly, and many a parent has been shocked by the speed at which their once-newborn can move! And once they can roll, a baby can also roll off of things — and that can be dangerous.

Even a kid’s mattress that is lying directly on the floor might be too much of a raised surface for a baby. Until a baby has grown to be larger and sturdier, it’s a good idea to have them sleep in a crib, or another type of baby-specific bed, like a bassinet or a Moses basket. When they’re a bit older, it’s time to start shopping for the best full size mattress for a toddler, which will be suitable for years to come.

Single mattresses for kids

kid sleeping

Dimensions: 188 cm x 92 cm x 21 cm

A single mattress might be the right choice for your family. It’s the smallest full-size mattress, and that comes with some advantages. It’s more affordable than other sizes, for example, and also will take up less space in a room. This could also be the best full size mattress for toddlers. Even the biggest toddlers won’t outgrow a single mattress for some time! Whether you’re looking for the best mattress for a 3 year old or even an older child, a single mattress is a great place to start.

Long single mattresses for kids

Dimensions: 203 cm x 92 cm x 21 cm

The long single mattress is one of the best mattress sizes for kids who are going through a growth spurt — and you just don’t know how tall they’re going to end up being! Similar in dimension to the single mattress, the long single has a little extra length to prevent feet hanging over the edge of the bed.

King single mattresses for kids

Dimensions: 203 cm x 107 cm x 21 cm

The king single mattress truly is the king of single-sized mattresses. They’re a bit more expensive than other single mattress sizes, but many people find that is a price worth paying for the extra space. A king single might be the best mattress for a 5 year old, through to being suitable for a 50 year old and beyond.

Double mattresses for kids

Dimensions: 188 cm x 138 cm x 21 cm

A double mattress can be a great choice for kids who struggle to sleep on their own through the night. If you’re often having to go through and lie with your child at night, you may as well get a mattress that you can fit on as well! At the end of the day, the best full size mattress for child is the one that works for your family, budget, and living standards.

That’s the mattress size taken care of, but what about all the other choices that present themselves when selecting a mattress for children? Read our complete guide to mattresses for kids and make an informed decision with your purchase.