Eco Kids Wins Australia’s “Best Kids Mattress” Again

eco kids mattress

We’re so proud to announce that the Eco Kids mattress has recently been awarded ‘Best Kids Mattress’ for 2021 by Bedbuyer! This is the second year in a row we have won this pretentious award.

Bedbuyer is Australia’s largest bedding website, and all mattress reviews are conducted by their team of expert health professionals.

What Bedbuyer Loved About The Eco Kids Mattress

According to Bedbuyer, the Eco Kids Mattress is a truly outstanding product that sets the standard in the kids mattress market in 2021. They loved that it is Australian made, is well-certified as non-toxic, and comes with free delivery (Australia wide).

The top features that won Eco Kids ‘Best Kids Mattress’ were:

❝ One of the most impressive features of this mattress is its edge support. 

Bedbuyer loved that the Eco Kids Mattress uses a specially designed ‘Chiro Flex ES’ spring system. They found that this support structure offers excellent spinal support and is perfectly responsive to movement, meaning that it will be easy for your kids to move around during sleep.

Based on their testing, their team rated it a 7.5 / 10 firmness (with 10 being the firmest) which is their recommended firmness level for most kids.

They also found one of most impressive features of the Eco Kids mattress was its edge support, which is in their words “as solid as any we have seen”.

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Proper edge support will not only prevent your child from rolling off the side, but it also forms a stable surface for you and kids to sit on for bedtime activities such as reading.

The Review Process

All of the mattress reviews listed on Bedbuyer are 100% independent and unbiased. To eliminate any element of bias, they do not receive any money or financial reward for undertaking our mattress reviews.

Bedbuyer rates each mattress in five separate categories that they have identified are most meaningful to Australian consumers. Here’s how we placed in the five categories:

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Watch Bedbuyer’s Full Review of the Eco Kids Mattress

About Bedbuyer

Founded in 2013, Bedbuyer is Australia’s largest bedding site. Their team is made up of health professionals who have conducted over 1500 expert mattress reviews.

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