3 Points to Consider When Buying a Mattress Online for Your Child

Eco kids mattress

Buying a mattress online for your child sounds easy, particularly when we all know how difficult it can be to do in person. A few clicks to purchase seems far more appealing than packing the family in the car for a day of testing different mattresses. But before you even think of adding a mattress to your cart, there are three things you need to consider before buying a mattress online for your child.

Here are three points to consider before buying a mattress online:

  1. Looks can be deceiving

Although the internet has become a safer ground when it comes to shopping, you still need to be wary because sometimes looks can be deceiving. Do your research, make sure the company you are buying from is legit, and check reviews! Reviews (particularly on third party websites) can be very helpful and assist you in determining whether an online company is going to be a good experience to purchase from.

2 . Questions to ask

Although you are choosing the online route to purchase your new mattress, it is important that you ask the company questions to ensure the product will satisfy your needs before you purchase it. One of the most important questions we recommend asking is if there is a comfort guarantee of any kind, and the details of the guarantee. Other good questions to ask are if delivery and returns are free, and what happens to the mattress if you do decide to return.

3. Your child’s bedroom

After many years of being in the bedding/mattress industry, we find that a vast number of customers do not measure their child’s bedrooms properly before they buy them a mattress. When moving your child from a cot to a bed, it’s tempting to go as large as possible and buy a double size mattress, but have you considered if it will fit? That’s why it is important to consider where the new bed will go and if it will be suitable for your child’s bedroom space.

If you tick all these boxes before buying a mattress online for your child, we’re sure you’ll have a great experience.

The Eco Kids mattress was specifically designed to help kids get the sleep they need to grow and thrive. The mattress provides the best in support and comfort while utilising environmentally friendly, natural materials so you can feel confident your child is having a healthy and restorative sleep.